3 Ways to Tea-tox this January

Nauteas 3 way to teatox this January

Hurrah! January is finally here! So…

Time to donate your diet books to charity…here comes the tea-tox revolution! Keeping yourself healthy while controlling your portions has been made easy with these 3 simple and delicious tea detox recipes to help you stay trim and happy (as opposed to hungry and frustrated)! Detoxing the foodie way we’d say.

Nauteas tea-tox recipe


Try this beautifully aromatic brew which will help boost your metabolism and get you all perked up for the day ahead.

What you will need:
Mint leaves (5-7 leaves)
Lemongrass (1 stalk cut lengthwise)
Beauty Queen herbal infusion (1 tea pyramid)
Honey/Agave syrup (1-2 teaspoons)

This cleansing tonic can be made the day before or first thing in the morning. Simply brew the ingredients for 3-4 minutes, add the honey or agave syrup, let it cool down a little, sip and get ready to kick some ass!

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Cherry Loves Rose with Apple


This is a really good one if you find yourself with a sweet craving during the day, but need to avoid the sugar. Be strong (and drink tea)!

What you will need:
Cherry Loves Rose tea (1 tea pyramid)
Half a red apple
Honey and cinnamon (optional)

Brew a mug of Cherry Loves Rose with slices of apple in it. You can also add a little honey and cinnamon to taste. Who needs cake anyway!

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Green mint infusion Nauteas


Green tea is a hunger suppressant, so make yourself a pot of this brew and keep yourself on track (if you must).

What you will need (makes 1 pot):
Sanctuary green tea (1 tea pyramid)
Mint leaves (a handful)
Fresh thyme (2-3 sticks)

Wind down in the evening with our all-time favourite infusion. Brew for about 4 minutes and add honey to taste.

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That’s all folks, let us know how you get on with these recipes and above all enjoy yourselves!

Katia x