Borough 22

A cup of tea with… Ryan Panchoo, founder of gluten-free donut bakery Borough 22

This week we are really excited to be chatting to the baking sensation Ryan Panchoo, who started a gluten-free vegan donut bakery, Borough 22, and is taking the world by storm with his delicious creations. With the free-from movement on the rise, Borough 22 is indulgence without feeling the guilt and once we tried those incredible donuts…. we just could not stop.

What’s more, he is running a pop up with Timberyard in Boxpark Shoreditch and this week we are very lucky to be showcasing our collaboration with Nauteas-glazed donuts! Go try them while they last 🙂

Borough 22 Nauteas collaboration

Ryan Borough22 chats to Nauteas

What was your inspiration for Borough 22 and how did it all begin?

OK so Borough22 all stemmed from a need for my wife and children to have free from treats. My wife was and still is dairy and gluten intolerant and my kids are dairy intolerant at the time. We used to venture out to central London on blogging trip for my wife’s blog-zine Usually the food on offer would not cater for their dietary requirements. We found that when we ventured out it was much the same or that the places that did not offer anything that tasted very good. There was certainly nothing that catered for both gluten and dairy free requirements. I set about to make it my quest to come up with something that tasted great and that everyone could have. In October 2014 Borough 22 was born.

What do you do and where do you go to find fresh new ideas for your business?

I am a gluten free vegan doughnut baker. I usually go to Pinterest or Instagram for fresh ideas, not necessarily of what’s been done but rather to see what works colourwise or drool over delectable treats that I can somehow adapt to form an exciting doughnut flavour. One such product was Nauteas fantastic range of teas. I’d seen and made matcha doughnuts before so I knew that I could fashion a glaze from the tea. It worked really well but the best flavour by far was Pina Colada!

Borough 22 Nauteas interview

What do you enjoy most and least about running Borough 22?

I enjoy meeting and interacting with people. Customers, retailers, CEO’s(!). For me this is the best part of the business. A close second is nailing a flavour and adapting the recipe to suit someones specific dietary needs. The least favourite this is when I have a massive bake on and the washing up that comes afterwards. I’m definitely not a fan of washing up mini doughnut pans!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received from someone?

“Do one thing and do it well.” I used to make a variety of baked goods but the decision to focus on doughnuts was one of the best I ever made. It’s allowed me to focus on them and perfect the recipe and process.

What motivates you to do what you do and to follow your dream?

When I get positive feedback. It just makes me buzz! It makes me want to be the best I can be and keep going. To see someone get excited about something that I have created is such an amazing feeling. It gives me powers. It’s like what the sun is to Superman ha haa!

What’s your favourite Nauteas blend?

My favourite Nauteas flavour is Pina Colada. The aroma is amazing and the flavour really punches through. Absolutely love it!!!

Borough 22 Nauteas interview

Recipe: Cherry Loves Rose ice tea with honey and raspberries

April is here, the sun is out and we are totally mesmerised by the flowering trees lining up London streets and parks and gardens filling up with sunshine and happy people.

To celebrate, we have whizzed up a delicious ice tea recipe that’s super easy to make and you can use it as a base for a cocktail or fill up a jug and share with a friend on a glorious Sunday afternoon.

You will need:

Cherry Loves Rose tea



Mint leaves

Brew 2 pyramids of Cherry Loves Rose infusion for 3-4mins and leave to cool. Smash a handful of raspberries until juice comes out at the bottom of a pretty glass jug and fill with your infusion. Add honey to taste and drop a few mint leaves at the top.


You can experiment with different berries (strawberries, blackberries etc) or add a bit of lemonade to make it a little sparkly.

Pour into a chilled glass, turn your cheeks to the sun and enjoy!