We are Nauteas

Award-winning tea with personality! Delicious full-leaf blends made for those, who have a healthy disrespect for the comfort zone and need to do things differently.

Quirky character

Move away builders tea, Nauteas is here to bring new and exciting brews to your mug! Enjoy them as they are or mix up some yummy ice teas and cocktails when inspiration strikes.

top quality ingredients

Our carefully chosen ingredients, such as whole spices, full tea leaves and big fruit pieces give the teas depth of flavour and inviting aroma that fills with joy.

Made in the UK

Designed and made in the UK in exclusive small batches, Nauteas is proud to support British businesses and up and coming British talent.

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Here's what people think

Anna, Designer

I'm a designer and always have Nauteas on my desk to brew for inspiration. The fresh new flavours help me get in the zone and open my mind to new ideas. The teas are delicious and very addictive!

Elene, Fashion Buyer

Love having the Beauty Queen blend after a good night out just to wind down and settle for the night. The aromas are so calming and refreshing, it's now one of my favourite parts of the day.

Ryan, entrepreneur

Honestly the strength and flavour that comes through Katia's tea is like nothing I've experienced before! They're so good! The secret boils down (#dadjoke) to the high quality of her blend ingredients coupled with the freedom her bags give to allow the tea to breathe whilst brewing and release their powerful flavours and aromas.

Richard, Marketer and dad of two

I used to drink peppermint tea every day - until I discovered Nauteas! Never realised that caffeine-free teas can be so flavoursome, original and tasty. Highly recommend to give them a try - especially Beauty Queen (perfect in the morning) and Cherry Loves Rose.

Angelina, Entrepreneur

As a big foodie, I'm always on the lookout for new flavours and combinations and Nauteas teas have been on my list to try for a while... I finally did and I love them, they are so yummy! The Pina Colada tea is my absolute favourite.

Natasha, Event Organiser

My friend has just bought me some of the Sanctuary Tea from your range and as a coffee addict, I was sceptical to switch my regular afternoon mug of caffeine for a green tea… But I’m glad I did! It was light, refreshing and hit the mark when I needed a little pick me up at my desk. I’m now converted and I’m getting the rest of my office to do the same! I can’t wait to try the other flavours now!